Eastern Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church

Key points about the Polish National Catholic Church:
  • The Polish National Catholic Church is a CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION, formed in 1897 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • The church serves the spiritual needs of its members, but it welcomes all people who wish to follow Christ.
  • Today, there are more than 25,000 members in America.
To learn more about our church follow any of the link below:
  • Our Organizer
    Prime Bishop Franciszek Hodur organized our church and you can learn more about him here.
  • Our History
    View this timeline to follow the course of events of our 100+ year history.
  • Beliefs and Principles
    Go here to learn our views and understand our beliefs and principles.
  • Symbols
    This section contains info about the symbols that represent us as a people.
  • Structures
    This section displays how our church is organized.

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